Web Designing


Web Design


When it comes to your website design, Kryptex Solutions provides a complete turnkey solution: developing web-friendly content, graphic design, programming and hosting. Our designers create unique layouts based on your requirement. Our goal is to provide you with a custom website design which will enable you to distinguish your company from others. Whatever the size of your website, from a simple static site to a content-rich, complex site, Kryptex Solutions can provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

To keep our prices low, we follow a proven methodology for web design that eliminates the surprises that increase costs.

Our Process:

~Purpose of site:

  • Lead generation
  • E-commerce
  • Informational


  • Number of pages and images.


  • Content development. (Do you need help creating content?)
  • Content management solution. (So you can maintain the content of your website without knowing
    programming for the web – especially useful for large and e-commerce websites.)

~Internet Marketing:

  • Search optimization of content (If achieving high rankings on search engines is important to you, you need your website content optimized for the keywords that people use on search engines to find your products or services.)
  • Search engine marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising (Do you wish to expand your “net” on the web by purchasing keywords for which your site might not be optimized?)

~Navigation and structure

~Technology solutions:

  • HTML for static sites
  • Database, .Net, Flex, PHP or any open source languages for e-commerce or large sites
  • Flash movie animations or AcionScript for any site

~Graphic Design (Do you have a vision of what the site should look like?)

  • Page layout
  • Menus positioning
  • Colors, images,animations